About Us

Jd Curb specializes in creating decorative curbing for your lawn, offering sturdy and visually appealing protection for areas such as your pathways, flower beds, or anywhere else that requires it.

We offer a high degree of customization. We mix and pour the concrete on site. You can choose your colour and design or let our professionals pick the right design for your home. Not only will these curbs improve the look of your lawn, but they'll also increase your home's value.


We install 1/8-inch steel reinforced cable to keep your curbing from over-separation or shifting while ensuring it maintains its integrity for years.


Concrete curbing is mower friendly, leaving little to no need for trimming. It contains landscape material and prevents grass from creeping into landscaping beds.


Unlike other landscape edging forms, concrete curbing will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break and heave like plastic or move like brick or stone.


Pick from one of our many colour options to accent any home décor. Choose a style from one of our rollers' texture stamps or our natural stone patterns.